Faced with the formidable task of representing the entire body of knowhow of all industries in their entirety, the procurement team at Road Export has instead identified 4 industrial sectors that it deemed indispensable to have in the present online shop: “Road Export Shop

We have therefore organized these 4 major industrial sectors necessary to the development of an individual, an enterprise, a country, … a continent, in 4 distinct categories

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Our procurement team, strengthened by its combined total of 20 years of experience in international industrial purchasing, has been able to use to their advantage the optimisation of Road Export’s distribution network throughout the African regions to place its negotiation skills squarely in the hands of its suppliers and thus apply the pricing strategy Road Export has laid out, in other words: the RIGHT PRICE FOR THE END USER and A WIN-WIN OPERATION for all intermediaries. Good! Road Export, combining its expertise in procurement, its partners and its networks, has been able to propose this model of web shop, accessible to all, with an intuitive feel and entirely secure, containing a large range of PREMIUM products.

Our web shop also boasts a number of sub-categories. In each one you will find a complete range of OE and OEM equipment pieces of high quality, certified, meeting the ISO standards as well as the global ecological regulations and offering different types of guarantees.

Automotive categories

Secure Payment and Ergonomy

Our customers, their privacy and trust are a priority! Our team of Web 3.0 experts makes no savings on the means put in place for Road Export Shop users to have a safe and intuitive experience when shopping.

Fair prices at Fair Conditions

Prices and payment conditions without surprises and unbeatable! We scrupulously respect the terms of established contracts as an agreement with our customers. All prices displayed are prices validated and taken into account in our offers!

Logistic and Tracking

We offer our users a logistics management with more than 20 years of experience in the field of import-export in Africa and internationally. You follow your parcels in real time via our Tracking and take advantage of our export licenses !

After-Sales Services

After-sales service is essential for long-term relationships we cherish! An order is personally followed by the same collaborator from the request to the receipt. He will be, even in difficult cases, the solutions provider.

Evaluations & Services

It is our value to look at how we operate. A continuous evaluation of our service and products is done transparently based on feedback from our confirmed users to optimize the user experience of our Shop.

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