Well done, Unions!

Black Friday will not have had an impacted on Amazon’s management! We could not find anything after the fact regarding the negotiations that took place as a result of the strike starting on 24 November 2017, except for the driven and impassable final answer from Amazon’s management underlining that: “the salaries paid to our personnel are among the highest in the logistics sector and Amazon moreover offers a number of perks, such as private medical insurance or funds to pay for training courses “, putting an end to the union’s attack. In short, this action has had about the same effect as a wet firecracker to all those involved.

By contrast, the SMEs, entrepreneurs, freelancers, …, as well as Humanitarian and even Governmental Organisations have unfortunately suffered damages. The entire international import-export sector has been affected and the impact zone extends to just about every country in the world, especially the developing nations. The butterfly effects of these certainly legal but still unilateral decisions is devastating at this scale in the countries where they were quite unexpected. My bad !

Of all the articles published on the subject, but a rare few deal with the political and commercial relations between China and Europe (or more globally the East). To have suffered this strike in China, where it is important to remind that procedures

  • Of inspections,

  • Of respecting standards,

  • Of obtaining export licences,

  • And of other authorisation applications

have been rendered considerably more complex as a consequence of the evidently poor economic, political and diplomatic relations between China and Europe; between Europe and the East and Europe and the West as well as currently between the United States and the rest of the world (e.g.: aluminium – steel); is to the detriment of both the company and the citizen.

Concretely, on site, Road Export has seen the giants of the air in goods transport indulge in excess to the detriment of their customers, their customers’ customers etc. Prices have seen a 10-fold increase in the space of 48h. Transporters and agents have, at first, strengthened their procedures, taking received goods hostage in case of refusal, even legitimate, to pay excessive increases in invoices. Some cargos have even been destroyed! Recovering your down payment, in part or in whole, is an uphill battle that is often in vain and always expensive for the victim.

We understand our worker friends but think that this “punishment” action belongs to a bygone era. As irony would have it, by striking at the wrong target, the powerful syndicates undermine or even outright betray the very same workers they protect to the benefit of who they are fighting.




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