Road Export Shop offers a full range of components, spare parts or automotive consumables through a user-friendly platform using reliable and secure logistics or payment procedures.

The agile industrialization and modernization that is currently taking place throughout most of the regions of Africa has brought in its wake a constant increase in the demand for automobile spare parts. A demand that is also the result of the demographic explosion on the African continent on the whole, which, numerically, will represent 15% of the global population by 2050. It is therefore indispensable to the sub-Saharan consumer to have access to a web shop worthy of the title, dedicated to the automobile sector for


Heavy vehicles


Light vehicles


Electric vehicles


Armored vehicles

Here, again, Road Export distinguishes itself (1) on the global market for the distribution of spare parts, oils and lubricants, customized tools and consumables as well as (2) in the procurement of these items throughout all of sub-Saharan Africa.

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Secure Payments and Ergonomy

Our customers, their privacy and trust are a priority! Our team of Web 3.0 experts makes no savings on the means put in place for Road Export Shop users to have a safe and intuitive experience when shopping.

Fair prices at Fair Conditions

Prices and payment conditions without surprises and unbeatable! We scrupulously respect the terms of established contracts as an agreement with our customers. All prices displayed are prices validated and taken into account in our offers!

Logistic and Tracking

We offer our users a logistics management with more than 20 years of experience in the field of import-export in Africa and internationally. You follow your parcels in real time via our Tracking and take advantage of our export licenses !

After-Sales Services

Le service après vente est primordial pour les relations à long terme que nous chérissons ! La gestion et le suivi d’une commande depuis l’offre jusqu’ à la livraison est traitée par le même collaborateur. Ce dernier sera à en mesure de trouver une solution à toutes vos requêtes.

Evaluations & Services

It is our value to look at how we operate. A continuous evaluation of our service and products is done transparently based on feedback from our confirmed users to optimize the user experience of our Shop.

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