The challenge for Bernard T. (technical engineer), Michel P. (project lead) – and Jean-Luc D. (Partner of Road Export and General Manager of Drouguet Soudure); the technical team of Road Export that developed the fixed stretcher on the existing structure of our model ROAD-TGZ.1, was steep considering the “natural” design specifications defined by:

  • The climate in Sub-Saharan Africa,

  • The degraded secondary roads,

  • The wilderness,

  • Access to forest villages often remote and sometimes even inexistent where our motor-ambulances are mainly distributed!

This delicate match between a stretcher and the cabin of ROAD-TGZ.1 shad to prove;

  • resistant,

  • light,

  • easily usable,

  • be easily removable without being easily stolen,

  • meet numerous security standards,

  • and of course at the lowest price!

Taking all these factors into account, our technical team was naturally drawn to a structure – welds included – in aluminium principally consisting of tubes N AW-6060 T66 30×3. The choice guarantees solidity for the end user: resistant to a load of 200 kg, and avoids a maximum of vibrations. The carrying tarp reinforced with polyester coating that is washable has gotten our preference given its resilience and the hygienic standards required by various health authorities such as WAHO, WHO, etc., for this type of applications.

As for design and practical aspects, we offer our clients the possibility of choosing a fixed stretcher with specially designed fixtures. By proposing a semi-fixed stretcher, Road Export offers users of the ROAD-TGZ.1 the possibility to use their moto-ambulance for other ends than just the transport of the sick, as the cabin has ample room for the transport of medical supplies and materials.

In the knowledge that each client will have their own demands, the technical team at Road Export puts all of its expertise entirely at your service for any adaptation as well as bringing all its experience to the table in new projects.

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