Road Export, its philosophy, the Ecology and its proposal!


One direction: the strength to shape a better future – Collaboration :collective creative genius – Integrity:Be yourself Passion :Committed in the mind and heart – Diversity: as inclusive as our brands Quality :What we do, we do it well !


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NO to HYPER-PROFIT! We can deal with our partners to offer the RIGHT PRICE to our end users


Individual ideas are important and can be implemented collectively.


We strive to recycle both at a personal and professional level. We do not print catalogues, flyers or emails. We avoid letter and pepper invoicing. “Paperless” is the way ahead.


Our partners manufacturer must respect manufacturing processes, rigid pooling standards, guarantees and recycling.


Transportation is one of the largest producers of CO² commissions worldwide. Road Export’s experts believe that this cost will only increase. We are therefore more than willing to work with all our partners to implement “local mounting chains”to drastically reduce the energy costs of the products we sell.e. This enabling greater satisfaction to the end user who will pay less for their product, with faster activity.



Do what we say! We are not talking about ecology for marketing purposes… we take time to meet with, represent and visit factories and entrepreneurs to work towards sustainable and achievable ecological solutions.

Ecology is a collective term. Today we are discussing extreme climate change or even worse, the destruction of our planet by humanity. Since the beginning of the 20th century and its industrial revolution, the West has constantly produced more and more “carbon” and has continued to disturb the natural balances of earth This continued behavior has a detrimental cost, in less than a century, human excesses have totally destroyed 2.2 per cent of the worlds fauna and polluted its deepest oceans. Global warming has provoked and will continue to provoke mass migrations, famine, poverty, wars and its human losses. Our planet has sustained knock backs in its preservation in term of example and possible radical change, with the loss of both the United States from COP21 and more recently the loss of Brazil from COP24. Fortunately we still have sub-Saharian regions as another “lung” for earth, despite the fact that most of its countries are facing political insecurity and crisis. Africa has hope for the future and potential for radical change. We all have a part to play and must believe that this collective destruction is reversible

So how do we start to help at our entrepreneurs scale? For Road Exports team it start with :

In Short : together we can do it !

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