Road Export Shop offers a full range of medical equipment’s and consumables through a user-friendly platform using reliable logistics or payment procedures.

Road Export has a longstanding cooperation with NGOs and Governments, especially in a partnership with Road Invest. This has enabled Road Export to build strong business relationships with major manufacturers of medical devices and components. Together we have identified and developed products adapted to each specific country. These products are shown by category and sub-category on the present web-shop. From the motorcycle ambulances and their components such as stretchers, to the laboratory microscope, Road Export Shop offers a large range of guaranteed and certified medical devices and component as well as laboratory accessories.

Our general experience has taught us that maintenance is one of the major problems with technology in the public sector. For that reason, Road Export’s customers can rely on our engineering teams with starting up, maintenance as well as for software instructions. Do not hesitate to ask any of your questions or any special order by using our contact form.

Our Medical Categories

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