By providing a full range of certified safety devices and components selected based on their quality, reliability, manufacturer guarantees provided and availability of spare parts. Road Export Shop has become Africa's recognized supplier of safety equipment and accessories.

Events in the worldwide news make it obvious that security nowadays is, unfortunately, a necessity. This need for security gives rise to such products as X-ray luggage and cargo scanners that are mainly used in airports and governmental institutions to portable metal detectors used in every hotel, stages, events and even at universities. New technologies have become commonplace throughout our entire security environment. Such events as the recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa show us how important it is to continually develop these new technologies. After all, in combination with good methodologies and procedures, they will definitely help improve global health and public security.

Road Export, through its intuitively designed web-shop, offers its customers a full and all-encompassing range of security components through a secure and easy to use platform. For special requests, do not hesitate to drop us a line or send us your queries through our contact form.

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