Initially, Road Export’s job was import-export, sales and distribution (official and grey market) of product in the automotive, mining or even food industries. During these first year the current executive team at Road Export has struck its roots in these sectors and can now count on a strong network of distribution and maintenance, maintained for over twenty years in West-Africa as well as Central Africa, where logically the majority of client base is located.

Over time our craft has been refined, and today we offer a consulting service in industrial procurement and application development ordered by both governmental and non-governmental organizations. In cooperation with said organizations, we develop product specifications adapted to suit the Sub-Saharan user, for applications principally falling in the following domains:

Concretely, today, Road Export has taken as its mission for its clients and partner to find solutions, “manufacture” them and “adapt” them to serve the African market favoring its development.

But that is not all Road Export has to offer. In addition to the development of and research into tools specifically developed for end-users operating in extreme circumstances, Road Invest also offers its customers and any new “internaut” the possibility to buy our creations and their replacement parts, accessories, consumables and tools directly from our webshop: “Road Export Shop”, which was specifically customized to suit users in Africa. They will be able to rely on deliveries guaranteed by a logistics team that has this final aspect of a sale down to an art!

Besides the purely commercial ambition of its platform, Road Export also values the actions of African companies in each of the sectors it represents. By promoting the local know-how, Road Export, through its e-commerce and local representation, encourages entrepreneurship and makes it clear they can count on a reliable, professional and high quality partner offering strong visibility to its partners, both through traditional communication and over WEB 3.0.

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